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What is ObjectLounge?

TechNewLogic ObjectLounge framework is an open source framework that helps you developing business applications. It is a host for object oriented domain models that manages concurrency, transactions, validation and persistence.


ObjectLounge is based on the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5. It can be used in stand-alone clients as in-memory database or in service based applications as backend.

  • No database schema generation needed.
  • File-Based storage "Out of the Box".
  • Implement your own data store. If needed, the framework can be extended with custom data access logic, so you can work together with any type of data store you can imagine.
Domain Model Hosting
  • Express your business logic only in object.
  • Nearly no technical aspects needed.
  • In-Memory Domain Model. This needs some RAM on one hand, but on the other hand it very fast due to no need for mapping and transfering data from the store into your process for each request. This also leads to fast and comfortable querying by using Linq-To-Objects.
  • High level Abstractions. Make use of composition and aggregation to model the entity relationships.
  • Automatic Unit of Work generation. All changes to business objects and their relationships are automatically tracked and executed as a whole on commit or rolled back.
Transactions and Concurrency
  • Access your domain model from different threads. Concurrent access of your domain model with the "Read-Committed" "Serialized Write" strategy.
  • Commit or rollback the whole changeset - not just the store, but the whole living domain model!

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